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    With BREA, Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby have conceived an outdoor lounge system of quiet luxury and superior quality. Sophisticated and refined construction, together with an ingenious system of connectors, give the collection a modern profile and maximum versatility. Advanced cushion design in waterproof fabrics with a special covering of the core and elaborate belting on the frame bring indoor levels of comfort to the outdoors. The designers’ attention to quality and detail at every step is perfectly expressed in BREA’s aesthetic of elegant simplicity.

    The concept for BREA derives from Barber & Osgerby’s belief that outdoor furniture should receive the same attention to detail they give to their indoor designs. The sofa-system typology was, the designers believed, particularly ripe for reinvention out of doors. Inspired by the challenge, they sought to create an intelligent, adaptable system that combined uncompromising comfort with easy-going practicality, as reflected in BREA’s luxurious slip -on/slip -off upholstery.

    Attention to quality and detail begins with BREA’s sophisticated connecting system: Cleverly engineered die-cast legs and universal connectors join together three different sizes of tubular loop steel frame as well as arm- and backrests. Available in finishes of white, black pepper and palm, the system allows for a wide range of precise configurations, from loungechair to corner sofa, double daybed to generous three-seater.

    The same thoughtfulness applies to the cushions, which offer the luxurious look and feel of the best indoor sofas but can be easily slipped off and stored at any time. To support the cushions, the designers opted for belts of tensioned webbing, and the result is even greater comfort. The cushion inlays are protected by a water-repellent polyester covering. The fabric is treated to be stain- and water-repellent.

    By reducing elements and eliminating complexity, Barber & Osgerby were able to focus on quality, from the perfection of the castings to the luxurious comfort of the cushions. For the coffee tables, BREA tabletops consist of high-performance mineral composite.

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    “Because of the unique nature of teak, the wood feels especially soft and so we set out to make furniture that would accentuate these properties."
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    Combining the highest levels of comfort, quality and style, DEDON creates luxury outdoor furniture that enables our customers to enjoy outdoor living without compromises. All materials are carefully selected and finished to ensure products of unsurpassed resistance to extreme conditions. The result is luxurious furniture that endures.

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