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    A versatile collection of dining, lounging and poolside elements, RILLY by GamFratesi takes a fresh approach to DEDON’s outdoor heritage. In place of traditional weaving technique, it features parallel vertical strands of maritime rope or new DEDON Fiber ?Touch’. The result is a “transparent” collection of friendly forms with distinctive faceting and a contemporary, graphic quality. From lounge chairs to sofas to a sprawling double daybed with canopy, the full RILLY range lets users create unique landscapes in any outdoor setting.

    With RILLY, GamFratesi were inspired to create a light, transparent and versatile collection while at the same time maintaining the solidity of the structure. The designers realized their vision through what they describe as “an architectural union of materials in a definite and honest way”. The resulting system allows for “a very large collection where different seats and backrests adapt to the main structure.” Playing with shapes, GamFratesi developed optional cocooning canopies that further contribute to RILLY’s diversity and versatility. The collection’s graphic vertical weave creates a vivid sense of transparency and dematerialization. 

    Friendly forms, flowing lines, facetted canopies and the absence of right angles give RILLY a playful, welcoming character. To convey transparency, the collection is strung with parallel vertical strands of maritime rope or innovative DEDON Fiber ?Touch’. 

    Presented exclusively for RILLY, this new generation of DEDON Fiber offers an especially soft haptic experience, the result of physical effect during the extrusion process. DEDON Fiber ?Touch’ is available in appealing shades of Taupe, Teal, Rosewood and Saffron.

    “We have worked within the dimensional limits of the structure that connects seat and back to maintain an elegant and dynamic design,” say Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi. “The system allows you create a very large collection, including sofas, lounges, sun beds, chairs and more.” According to

    Jan van der Hagen, CEO of DEDON, “GamFratesi have designed a collection that manages to be beautiful, inviting, intimate and comfortable, by paying careful attention to detail and great creativity. Two core elements which are shared — and highly appreciated — by DEDON and DEDON customers.” “To develop a versatile and transparent collection – GamFratesi realized this in RILLY by an architectural union of materials”, adds Sonja van der Hagen, DEDON’s Chief Creative Officer.




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    We aimed to design an outdoor chair that could transcend the ‘barrier’ of the window and move indoors as well.
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